Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Right in the dark

Another day, in a different world
Hard to believe that this is real
I dance and sing instead of walk and talk
Know that time won't heal
And I change my view from all angles,
Ain't afraid of no one's eye
Maybe we should, maybe we don't
Maybe we given this a try!

Won't you come with me
Right in the dark
Won't you come with me
Right to the start
Won't you come with me
Right in the night 
Won't you come with me
And shine a light

Can't tell how we came so far
Or where we went wrong
I'm searching for your side
But your eyes won't hold me on
And you tryin' to tell
What I can't understand
We kept go walking
Unlearned to talkin'
And finally faced the end

It's been a couple of seasons
since we've seen each other
maybe less, maybe more
It's been a long time
Hittin the long road
Where it raise and where it falls
Back in the spot
There we used to be
Laugh and ??? all around
Look at me, give me your hand
And burn the city to the ground

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